passionate about social justice.

I feel most inspired when I am working towards systemic change in the legal system, either through research, writing, or providing education. I strive to conduct all my work with cultural humility, and from a place that is trauma-informed. I was called to the bar in 2015, and I currently work with Rise Women’s Legal Centre where I conduct research, primarily on topics related to family violence and the family court system, and provide education.  Prior to working with Rise, I worked with the federal Crown in Winnipeg and in Vancouver. I hold a Master of Laws, from the University of British Columbia (2018), a Juris Doctor from the University of Manitoba (2014), and a Bachelor of Arts from Brandon University (2010). In 2021 I started my PhD in law at UBC. 

I'm Haley 




Bachelor of Arts, 2010
Psychology, Indigenous Studies, Brandon Uni 
Juris Doctor, 2014
University of Manitoba   
Master of Laws, 2018
University of British Columbia 
PhD Student 
University of British Columbia 

Consultant, Department of Justice
Lawyer Rise Women's Legal Centre
Public Prosecution Service of Canada

Federation of Women Lawyers, Nairobi
LAWA, Ghana
Book Club for Inmates 
Atira Women's Resource Society, BC
West Coast LEAF 

A few of the details: 


I try to make time to be in nature, and write for fun.  

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